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April 5 - Triumphant


April 12 - Resurrection 

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 We are presently "live streaming" our Worship Services on facebook instead of meeting together physically on Sundays.

But that doesn't mean we aren't doing the mission of the church! We will continue to think of creative ways we can do the "one anothers" of the New Testament. 56 times we are instructed in the Scriptures to "love one another, pray for one another, encourage one another etc. We will never stop doing these things, nor will we ever stop reaching out to those outside the church with the message and love of Jesus. The Holy Spirit will be leading us each step of the way in this new paradigm. 

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Watch each Sunday's message starting at appx. 10:40 a.m. on our facebook page. The messages are posted after each Sunday Service so you can watch them anytime. Click here or on the image to head over to our Facebook page.


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