One Christ - One Commission - One Commandment
One Christ - One Commission - One Commandment

June 5 - June 19, 2016 

Titus was a close and trusted companion to the Apostle Paul. As one of Paul’s early converts to Christianity, Titus traveled with his mentor on various journeys and is mentioned in several of the Epistles. Paul spoke highly of Titus, referring to him as a “brother,” a “partner and fellow worker,” and his “son.” Titus was lauded as a man of great character and traveled to places like Corinth and Dalmatia in order to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul left Titus in Crete in order to set things in order for the young and struggling church. This personal letter to one of Paul’s closest friends provides encouragement and guidance for every Christian as it stresses the importance of following sound biblical doctrine, while warning believers about those who distort the truth. It also provides sound advice on how we are to live our daily lives through works that are both desirable and profitable for every Christian. Join us for this three weeks series as we find encouragement, guidance and the Truth that reveals the way to eternal life.   

Titus Chapter One Notes June 5, 2016
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Titus Chapter One Audio June 5, 2016
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Titus Chapter Two Notes June 12, 2016
TItus chapter 2 notes.pdf
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Titus Chapter Three Notes June 19, 2016
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Titus Chapter Three Audio June 19, 2016
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